​01.03.2015           A workshop on “Pollution Control in Petroleum, Petrochemical and Chemical Process Industries” for                                                    Petrochemical  Engineering Students on the eve of INDHAN 2K15,in association with Dept. of PE & PCE 

​02.11.2015           A knowledge sharing session on ''An overview of Petroleum Industry'', by Shri D.R.V.Satyanarayana, Head of Field                                      Development & Technology,Operations Engineering,Qatar Petroleum,Qatar in association with Dept. of PE & PCE                                         UCEK, JNTUK, Kakinada & SPE  Kakinada Section

​14.08.2015            A knowledge sharing session on ''An Overview of Offshore Process Engineering and Energy Management'' by Shri.                                  S.S.N. Prasad, Process Engineer,ZADCO, Abhu Dhabi National Oil Company, in association with SPE KakinadaSection

​07.08.2015            A knowledge sharing session on  ''Effective Communication Skills'' by Shri. M.S.Loknath, Manager(Retd.),                                      ONGC,  in association with SPE Kakinada Section

​28.02.2015​            Workshop on “Oil & Gas Pipelines” for  M.Tech. Pipeline Engineering, B.Tech. Petroelum Engineering &                                                    Petrochemical Engineering Students on the eve of INDHAN 2K15, in association with Dept. of PE & PCE

01.02.2015          Workshop on Engineering Optimization & Its Applications by Resource person Prof. U.Ramgopal, Dept of Chemical            to                    Engineering,IIT-Guwahati in Association with Dept. of PE & PCE Under TEQIP Phase - II  


​04.09.2015            A knowledge sharing session on ''Marginal Fields Development'' by Shri. S.K.S.Charyulu, Executive                                                   Director(Retd.), ONGC, in association with SPE Kakinada Section

29.10.2015            Workshop on Vigilance Awareness Week 2015 by Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Ambasht, Chief Vigilance Officer, ONGC in                                                association with SPE  Kakinada Section

25.02.2015           A knowledge sharing session on ”Pipeline Integrity Management” by Shri. N. Bose Babu, GEneral Manager                                              (Projects) - GSPL, Director In-charge, Projects, GITL & KG Asset In-charge, GSPC, Kakinada, association with Dept.                                  of PE & PCE   

​05.08.2015​           "Overview of Chemical Process Development: Piloting & Scale-up for Petrochemical Engineering                                          Students"  by  Dr. Venkateswara Rao Surisetty, Research and Business Development Scientist, Chemical                              Process Development, EI DuPont, Canada. in association with SPE Kakinada Section

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16.12.2015          A Knowledge Sharing Session on "Alerts for Oil Field Professionals" by Shri. G.V.Rao,(GM,Retd.),ONGC in                                         association with SPE Kakinada Section

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